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January 10, 2014



Love it, and yay for Delaney for playing along.


I also love Full House, Delaney!

And well done on the smallest jeans! I want to be able to do that!


Guess what is on my list today?
Take down the Christmas tree....

Technically I'm still OK with it until Monday the 13th which is St. Knut's Day.


Did you see that Stacey K is also doing a simplify her house thing and like donating a bag a day for 40 days? We are so blessed to have such good items to donate to others! Good job getting on last week's list!

Nice job fitting those smaller jeans! I'm super inspired!

Yay for Delaney joining, too! I did a photo shoot for an Irish dancer once! their costumes are amazing!


Delaney sounds like Sophie - stretchy jeans, infinity scarves... :)


Awesome list...
I was an Irish step dancer for many years. Great fun.

Mary Jo

Love her list!!!
And yay for smaller sizes :)


Oh wonderful : )

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